Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

AssistedLivingWebinarAre you a mom or caregiver looking for easy and cost effective ways to choose the best assisted living facility for a loved one?

As you embark on this tough life decision, this is the best time to make sure all your health questions are answered for your loved one. Keeping your loved one’s medical records up-to-date, knowing how to talk to your loved one about this life transition, and learning the best self care tips to stay healthy when being the caregiver will make all the difference when you’re faced with choosing the right assisted living facility.

How do you go about choosing the best assisted living facility? How do you create a medical life list for your loved one? What questions should you ask when visiting an assisted living facility?

Your questions are important. That’s why I have scheduled a FREE live webinar on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST to help empower you to navigate the process of choosing an assisted living facility with ease.

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Ready to get ahead on planning for assisted living? Tune in to the live webinar to learn:

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  • Tools for organizing your loved ones medical records.
  • How to talk to your loved one about this life transition.


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The Most Important Step in Choosing Assisted Living

Lori-Ann and her father

Lori-Ann and her father

As many of you know, my proud father and I struggled through the process of making decisions about assisted living options for him.  I learned a lot from this experience.

If the time comes that your loved one needs to enter assisted living, there are many considerations to be made. You may be thinking about location, dietary needs, activities, and packing up their house.

Remember, though, to also think about your loved one. The person who is moving into assisted living will probably be dealing with a lot of emotions. They may be worried. They may be grieving the loss of their mobility or their independence.  My dad loved his little condo and was heartbroken to know he could not live there by himself any longer.

It’s important to talk to to your loved one throughout the process. You may want to include your siblings in the conversation, but then you need to go talk to you loved one. Let your loved one know what the doctors have recommended. Let him or her know that you need to make a decision.

If possible, bring your loved one with you to the assisted living facilities when you tour them. Let them be involved in deciding which place suits their needs and budget.

This may be a tough transition for them. The more you can involve them in the process, the more in control they might feel. Lastly, always remember, there is no perfect living arrangement as someone ages.  Just knowing this will allow you to weigh and balance all the options.

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