A collection of in-depth video interviews with amazing women who specialize in the healing, wellness, medical, parenting, nutritional and physical fitness fields, designed to help you in: Living with a mind and body in harmony. Grab it while it’s at the low $15.00 price!

Dr. Jennifer Shell, D.C.
Dr. Joan Crawford, D.O.
Kate Fodell, Personal Trainer
Alyssa Sullivan, Early Childhood Director
Lauren Gilpin, Lawyer
Francesca Saracino, Pilates Instructor

We have 3 unreleased videos from MyHealthSpin Founder, Lori-Ann Rickard, on Managing Stress, Staying Connected and Clearing Your Mind. + An extra Pilates power workout from Francesca Saracino. Exclusive broadcast notes from ALL of the videos for easy reference, so you can make the most of the expert tips!

NEW BONUS CONTENT! Explore the role of supplements and sugar in nutrition in our exclusive new video with Dr. Jennifer Shell.


Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit
USD 15.00


Includes six months of unlimited access!