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MyHealthSpin was created to easily and clearly show you how to Spin Your Healthcare Your Way. simplifies the often overwhelming healthcare system, while the Easy Healthcare ebooks detail key topics and offer valuable insights to patients and their families.

About the Author

Lori-Ann Rickard is one of the country’s top healthcare experts. For over three decades, she has advised leading hospitals, doctors and ambulance companies. Now, she is offering her expertise to patients and their families through the Easy Healthcare ebook series on Lori-Ann Rickard is a passionate healthcare advocate, who knows what it means to be both a patient and a caregiver. She simplifies the healthcare world, so that you expand your knowledge, make empowered choices and optimize your family’s well-being.

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Discover how to personally Spin Healthcare Your Way. Access ebooks, videos, helpful insights and a wealth of healthcare resources. Or, request an in-person or web-based seminar with Lori-Ann to empower your organization to optimize their well-being.

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