Easy Healthcare: Before You Get Sick

HS-B4-You-Get-SickWant to avoid unnecessary grief and expense when you get sick? Then you need this essential guide to the business behind your healthcare decisions.

At some point, everyone who’s been ill or who has had to care for an ill loved one asks the inevitable question: Where do I go when I get sick? The doctor’s office? Urgent care? The emergency room? Above all, you want to make the right choice when it comes to your healthcare, but you also want to be a smart healthcare consumer when you make that choice.

MyHealthSpin’s Easy Healthcare: Before You Get Sick gives you exactly what you need to be a responsible patient, the kind of patient who knows how to match your condition to the right level of care, saving yourself needless worry and expense. This expert guide will teach you:

  • How to be proactive and “triage” yourself before seeking treatment
  • How your doctor’s office operates (like a business) and what it means to you
  • What Urgent Care is really for
  • When not to call an ambulance
  • What to expect in the emergency room if you don’t have an emergency
  • The difference between being “in observation” and being “admitted” at the hospital (and what it can mean for your wallet)

A veteran of the healthcare system, Lori-Ann Rickard helps you become a smarter, savvier patient with her MyHealthSpin guide to what you need to know before you get sick!

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