Sick Away From Home? Here Is What You Should Do

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving next week and more holidays in the coming month, many of us will be traveling to spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, long car rides, airplane trips, and holiday activities can tire us, run us down, and make us sick. Plus being around all those fellow travelers, family and friends can lead to an easy spread of germs. So, what should you do if you get sick away from home?

Call your doctor. He or she can help you decide the best course of action and whether you need to see a physician where you are currently staying or if it can wait until you get back home and can see your own doctor.

When possible, call the doctor before or after the holiday. If Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other holiday is coming up and you feel the first signs of illness, go ahead and call your doctor now. It could be harder to reach a doctor on the holiday or the eve of the holiday when the office is closed but your illness is in full force. Calling your doctor early could prevent a costly holiday trip to the emergency room or urgent care.

Remember, too, that illness may begin before for you travel. Prior to leaving, assess how you are feeling and take action. Do you need to see your doctor? Do you need an antibiotic? Is your child getting an ear infection? Address any concerns before you leave so you’ll be prepared while away from home. And make sure to bring your doctor’s contact information with you.

Getting sick can ruin your holiday and while it may be unavoidable, being aware and having a plan can make handling illness on the road easier.


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