Easy Healthcare: Healthcare Privacy

HS-Healthcare-PrivacyLearn how to keep your private healthcare information truly private with this essential handbook for navigating modern healthcare.

Healthcare has changed radically. Gone are the days when the only medical professional a patient saw was their trusted local doctor. Healthcare is now a massive industry in which your medical records and other sensitive information are seen by dozens of people and can be stored in any number of paper or electronic files in an office, on laptops, or on thumb drives. How, then, do you keep that information safe? What privacy rights do you have?

MyHealthSpin’s Easy Healthcare: Healthcare Privacy walks you through the practical steps you can take to safeguard your healthcare privacy as a patient, including:

  • Understanding your privacy rights and the laws protecting it
  • Knowing who owns your medical information
  • How using email and social media impacts your healthcare privacy
  • Using electronic health records and patient portals
  • What rights you have to the medical information of your loved ones (and what they have to yours)
  • What to do if your privacy is compromised

A noted expert on healthcare privacy, Lori-Ann Rickard will teach you how to protect yourself and your personal information with this MyHealthSpin expert’s guide!

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