Why Your Child Should Have Well Visits with the Doctor

Pediatrician Doctor Examining Little Girl Ears.When our children are babies, they have a lot of doctor’s visits. It’s all part of the process of keeping them healthy. As our children grow older, the doctor’s visits happen less often. It’s important, though, to have your child visit their pediatrician at least once per year even when they are healthy.

First, it helps you and the doctor keep an eye on your child’s growth to make sure everything is progressing as expected. These well visits help the doctor understand what “normal” baseline health is for your child. That way, if your child becomes ill or shows certain symptoms, the doctor is better able to recognize the change in your child’s appearance or behavior.

Well visits are also a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship with your pediatrician. When they see you regularly, they more easily recognize you and your child if something comes up. Also, they may be able to better answer a question over the phone if they have seen you in the office recently.

Building a history with your child’s doctor also means that when you need to get a copy of your child’s records for school or to sign them up for a sport, you will feel confident that your child’s file is complete and up-to-date.

Also, as your child gets older, it is often appropriate for your doctor and your child to have private conversations without you present.  They might discuss sexual activity, bullying, depression and other subjects that your child might not want to talk about with you.  If your child is seeing their pediatrician regularly, they will feel more comfortable when these private conversations need to occur.

There are many benefits to scheduling a yearly well visit with your child’s doctor, so why not call them today and schedule your child’s next appointment?

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