How to Celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week at Home

Exercise Activity Family Outdoors Vitality HealthyEvery Kid Healthy Week is something adopted by the school systems to promote health and wellness in the educational setting. Most schools organize a field day and devote the whole week to fun outdoor activities, nutritious meals and keeping the kids moving! But why not continue the fun at home? It’s important that kids are brought up following a healthy lifestyle. Today, we’re sharing fun family activities you can do to get everyone up and off the couch!

Register for a 5k together
Sign up for a local 5k and get the whole family in on it. You can even start training for it to get the kids motivated. It will be something for them to look forward to and training will help them to track their physical progress.

Go to the grocery store
Have the kid’s help you pick out healthy meals. Here’s something to try: everyone pick out a new vegetable you’ve never had before. Take them home and try a different one each night of the week. When the week is over everyone votes on which is the best. The competition factor will be fun for the kids, plus it will help you to learn which veggies they like.

Go for a walk
Every night after dinner, head out for a walk with the whole family, including Fido. Walking is a great way to de-stress and to reverse all of the sitting the kids did at school. Plus, it turns a chore like walking the dog into a fun family activity.

Plan healthy recipes
Have the kids help you pick out healthy recipes for the week, and include them in the meal prep. They may be more willing to try something that they know they’ve helped to make.

Make a recipe book
Let the kids pick out their favorite healthy recipes and put it into a book. This will be perfect for when you need some healthy dinner inspirations!

Watch documentaries
If your child is old enough, show them documentaries, such as “Supersize Me” or “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” It will show them firsthand the dangers of eating fast and prepackaged foods. It may even make them want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Establish the one bite rule
This is a great rule to have with kids. They must try one bite of everything on their plate. If they like it, they can continue to eat it; if they don’t that’s okay, too. Some parents force children to eat foods they don’t like, which can be a tough approach. This will cause an aversion to foods, and the last thing you want is kids to refuse to eat vegetables. So, make sure they try it, but don’t force them to finish it if they don’t like it.

Set the vegetables out first
Are the kids starving once they’re home from school before dinner? Set the vegetables out first. If they’re that hungry they will eat those to hold them over for dinner. Win-win.

Have fun celebrating! And continue the traditions all year long!


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