Helpful Health Care Links: November 14, 2014

Background concept wordcloud illustration of medicare glowing liThis week, our helpful health care links focus on a variety of topics — an update on potential Ebola therapies to be tested in Liberia and information on the benefits flu shots have for seniors. We also included a local news update from Crain’s Detroit Business announcing a new Emergency Department for seniors opening November 17. All are worth your time. And, as always, if you ever come across a healthcare story that you think merits more attention, please send it our way!

Flu Shots Effective for Seniors, Says New Review

A new review of published studies finds that the seasonal flu vaccine is effective at protecting those over 60 during epidemics or widespread outbreaks.

Detroit Medical Center to Open Emergency Department for Seniors

Detroit Medical Center’s Detroit Receiving Hospital is the latest hospital in Southeast Michigan to offer a specialized emergency department for seniors.

Medicare Proposes Paying for Lung Cancer Screenings for Older Longtime Smokers

A draft decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would extend coverage for CT scans to Medicare beneficiaries who smoked at least a pack a day for 30 years or the equivalent.

3 New Ebola Therapies Will Be Tested; Liberia Lifts Emergency

Medical teams plan to start three clinical trials in the fight against the Ebola virus next month, administering the drugs at treatment centers run by Doctors Without Borders in West Africa. Two of the therapies involve antiviral drugs.

What the Election Results Mean for You

What will the recent midterm election results mean for seniors and their healthcare?


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