Can Your iPhone Save Your Life?

It could!

If you have an iPhone, there is a feature that allows medical staff to treat you in an emergency without needing your passcode.

The Medical ID feature is free on all iPhones.

Security is a big issue, so I always tell people to have password protection on their phones.

Some readers have expressed concerns about password protection, because they are worried police or EMS will be unable to access their phone for important, lifesaving information.

The good news, is there is a solution!

Set up the Medical ID on your iPhone. This allows emergency personnel to access medical information, without having to use your password to get into your phone. All they have to do, is tap the emergency section on your locked screen.

So how do you set up your Medical ID?

Go into your “Health” app and tap the “Medical ID” button. Then add your emergency information by selecting “Edit.” You can add medical conditions, allergies, or any other important information for first responders. Then tap “Done.”

For pictures, a video tutorial and more help, click here.

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