4 Tips to Make Your Child’s Dentist Visit Easier

Lovely kid in dental chair with dentist satisfied after repairiMost people, including adults, hate going to the dentist. All of the drilling noises and metal instruments scraping teeth makes people uncomfortable. But going to the dentist is vital for your overall health, especially for kids, who may not be that great at taking care of their teeth.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. It’s important to start kids visiting the dentist at a young age for the health of their teeth and because it helps them get comfortable with going. Here are a few tips to make those dentist visits easier.

1. Explain to them what is going to happen.
Talk to them about why we go to the dentist, what happens when we don’t go to the dentist and what will happen while they are there. Explain that there might be some scary noises, so they aren’t startled.

2. Choose a dentist that has good reviews for working with kids.
There is nothing worse than going to a pediatrician who is bad with kids. The same goes for your dentist. Your child will not feel comfortable with a grouchy, mean dentist. A nice, caring, smiling dentist will help them feel more comfortable. Before scheduling an appointment, check online for dentists with the best reviews for working with children. Also, ask your friends for recommendations. They may have insight regarding who is good or who is not.

3. Let them bring their favorite toy.
Having their favorite toy or stuffed animal there with them will make them feel more secure.

4. Make it a family affair.
Try and schedule at least two of your appointments at the same time. Let them watch your appointment first to see exactly what the dentist does. Kids always do better when mom or dad does something first.

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