Coffee, Tea and Me

bigstock-123894131Sometimes it’s nice to wake up slow with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Taking even 10 minutes at the beginning of each day to set your intentions is excellent for your mental health and well-being. Not only do coffee and tea contain caffeine, which will help get you moving in the morning, but they also contain a ton of other health benefits. Starting your day with a cup of coffee or tea can help boost your metabolism. Drinking three or more cups of green tea each day can increase your caloric output by more than 70 calories. The same goes for coffee: the caffeine in these drinks can temporarily increase your metabolic rate. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of having a cup of joe in the morning to help prepare for the day ahead.

When it comes to coffee…
Try drinking your coffee black. Adding cream and sugar to your morning cup can add inches to your waistline. It may take a bit to get used to the taste, but it’s much better for your health. Did you know that drinking black coffee can also lower your risk of colon cancer?

Drink coffee to boost your morning workout. Have you ever seen people with Starbucks at the gym? I have, and I’ve always thought they were crazy, but there is some logic to it. We know that caffeine boosts energy which is helpful when you need to be up for an early morning workout. But caffeine also increases your epinephrine levels. Epinephrine is a neurotransmitter, more commonly known as adrenaline, which increases your heart rate and primes you for action. This can help you get the best workout possible.

High quality coffee is chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals. Coffee contains tons of B vitamins. B vitamins are important for brain health and function.  Coffee beans also contain other minerals such as potassium.

What about tea?
Tea leaves are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to detoxify our cells. Having a cup of tea in the morning can keep your skin glowing all day long!

Tea can also help increase bone density. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, it’s important that you start thinking about your bone health now. Horsetail tea is a great bone builder due to its high silica content.

Drink tea to boost immunity. Having a cup of tea a day will help increase your cells immunity to unknown antibodies. Kick sickness to the curb by sipping tea every morning, not just when you’re sick.

Where should you get your coffee beans and tea leaves from?
Pay attention to where your coffee and tea are from. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Therefore, it’s pick a brand that is organic and fair trade, if possible. So, where are the best countries to get coffee from? Two of the more well-known places are Brazil and Columbia, but most people would be surprised to know that Ethiopia is a huge producer of coffee beans.

You also have to be careful when you pick a brand of tea. Pesticides are often sprayed on the crops for better yield. Before choosing a tea brand, do some research. And of course, always choose organic. A good brand that you can get at your local grocery store is Yogi tea. They have made a lot of changes within their company in the past several years in order to provide you with the healthiest product ever.

We all know that coffee and tea can help give us an energy boost in the morning. But it’s important not to drink caffeinated beverages too late in the day. There are many types of tea, such as chamomile tea, which don’t contain caffeine and can help you to sleep. Whether you’re starting your day with a cup of coffee, or ending it with a hot cup of tea, carving out a little time for yourself is never a bad thing.


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