How to Spot a Depressed Teen

Sad Teenager Girl Depressed Sitting In A Bridge At SunsetDid you know that suicide claims the lives of more young adults than cancer, car accidents and chronic illnesses combined? Depression in teens is an epidemic and often the kids who are struggling are the ones you would least suspect. At this age it can be difficult to distinguish between normal teenage behaviors and mental health disorders. It’s so important to be able to recognize the signs of depression in teens, so here are some things to watch for.

Loss of interest
Maybe your child has stopped playing a sport they used to love.

They seem to avoid family dinners which they once loved. They would rather eat alone in their room. Or maybe they’re spending less time with friends.

Mood swings
Does their mood seem to change at the drop of a hat? One moment they’re laughing and joking and the next they’re yelling and screaming.

Acting out
Rebellious behavior is often a big sign of depression in teens. They are screaming out for attention, and they feel as though the only way to get it is to act out. This may even lead to using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain and escape reality.

Excessive sleep
Sure, teens love to sleep. But if your child has gone from being a morning person to sleeping in all afternoon there may be a reason. They may feel no use in facing the day and would rather sleep. Depression can also cause extreme fatigue.

Depression is serious and can sometimes be fatal in teens and young adults. If you think your child or a friend is struggling with depression it’s important to get them help right away. Hopefully these signs have helped save a life.

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