To Grandma’s House We Go: Getting Sick on the Road

Winter, travel - family ready for the travel for winter vacationAs we celebrate the holidays, many of us are traveling to be with family and friends.  With so many holiday activities, long care rides, and airplane trips, it’s easy to get tired, run down, and sick.  Not to mention the fact that all those cousins and friends you don’t see very often can give the gift of germs as easily as they can fruit cake.  So how should you handle getting sick on the road?

MyHealthSpin’s Easy Healthcare:  Before You Get Sick helps you figure out how to prepare prior to getting sick.  

First, generally you don’t get sick in an instant.  Most people are starting to feel sick prior to their travel date.  BE PROACTIVE!  Prior to leaving, assess how you are feeling and take action.  Do you need to see your doctor?  Do you need an antibiotic?  Is your child getting an ear infection?  Planning ahead is the best plan.

If you get sick on the road without warning, make sure you have your doctor’s contact information so you will be able to ask for help.  Should you come home or go to a doctor in the city you are visiting?  Make sure you don’t wait until Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day to call. Your doctor’s office won’t be open.

Of course, you should always have an established relationship with a primary care physician long before you travel.  If you do not have a primary care physician – a family practitioner or internist – you should find one while you’re healthy.  Preparation and planning can save you a lot of time and money.  You may end up going to the local ER or urgent care simply because you had no other plan for getting sick while out of town.  Getting sick can ruin your holiday so having a plan for handling most illnesses on the road can help.  



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