The 4 Best Moves to Whittle Your Waistline

Young Woman Doing A Sit UpsWe all strive for that hourglass shape, cinched in waistline and full hips. Not only do a woman’s curves look beautiful, but they are also indicative of her heart health. Waist circumference, as well as your hip to waist ratio, can tell you a lot about your weight and overall health. When it comes to where you carry your weight you want to be sure it is dispersed between the lower half of your body, not concentrated around the abdomen. Having too much weight in your abdomen can be harmful to your vital, visceral organs. This body style is characterized as apple shape. The body type you should strive for, in order to keep your heart as healthy as possible, is pear shape. Pear shape is characterized by those hourglass curves, slim waist and fuller hips. Keep in mind that any excess fat is bad for your health, but certain areas which you hold your weight are better than others.

As we know, the size of your waistline can be greatly affected by diet and exercise. Today, we’re going to share with you the top four moves to whittle that waistline!

1. Wood choppers
Stand up straight holding a weight above your head with both hands. Start twisted facing slightly to your right (twist at your waist not your feet). In a chopping motion bring the weight down diagonally across toward the left side your body. To end you will be facing left and you will have a slight bend in your knees. Perform three sets of 12 reps on each side.

2. Russian twist
Sit on the floor with your knees bent, feet hovering above the mat. You will be balancing on your sit bones. Holding one dumbbell with both hands. Twist toward your right, then quickly, with control, twist toward your left. The only movement should be coming from your waistline; your feet should not move in space. Perform three sets of 12 reps on each side.

3. Bicycle
Lay on your back with your hands behind your head and neck for support. Your upper body is flexed forward and your legs are lifted off the mat in a table top position. Extend your right leg out long. Twist your upper body toward your knee that is still bent, bringing your right elbow to your left knee. Be mindful to keep the bend knee at about 90 degrees. Twist to the other side and extend the left leg long. Perform three sets of 20 reps on each side.

4. Toe taps
Lie on your back knees bent feet flat on the floor. Flex your upper body forward, hands hover the mat palms facing inward. Close the space between your ribs and your hips and reach your right hand toward your right foot. Return to center and reach the left hand toward the left foot. Perform three sets of 30 reps on each side.

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