What to Discuss With Your Family During this Holiday

family, happiness, generation, home and people concept - happy fHow is the holiday season going for you? Will you be visiting with family in the coming weeks? Many families are spread out geographically making holidays the perfect time to visit each other. While you’re all in one place, why not take a few minutes to discuss health planning?

Of course this is a time to celebrate and be happy and discussing health and medical concerns may not be your top priority, but once the holidays are over and everyone goes back home, it may be more difficult to coordinate health planning discussions. Especially in families who don’t get to see each other very often, holiday visits offer a great opportunity to get everyone in one place and talk about health decisions.

For example, do you know where your parents keep their wills? Do you know their wishes for after they are gone? Does your family know your wishes? Do your siblings know how to help you if you find yourself in the hospital unexpectedly?

These may not be things we want to think about, but being prepared in advance of emergencies, illnesses or death is important. It helps to limit surprises, avoid unnecessary expenses, and also helps to avoid family conflicts when there are specific instructions to carry out, as opposed to decisions still to be made.

Take a half hour to have these conversations with your family while you are all together so everyone will understand what to do and where to find any necessary documents. At the very least, set a date and time for after the holidays when you can all connect again for health planning discussions.

Then go right back the egg nog and Grandma’s cookies.