5 Tips for Lowering Stress Before Family Arrives

Family Together Christmas Celebration ConceptThe holidays are all about family. When you’re hosting, it can be stressful to get everything done before everyone arrives. It’s important to stay on top of everything and be prepared so you avoid burning yourself out or getting sick. Today, we’re sharing tips to lower your stress before your family arrives.

Plan ahead
Clean the house and go grocery shopping before out-of-town family arrives. You want the house to be presentable for them, but it also will be too difficult to work around them. Double the people in your house means double the mess. So forgo the stress and have everything ready before they arrive.

Cooking a huge meal can be very stressful. About an hour before everyone arrives set aside some time to meditate. Mediating will help to calm your nerves and reset your focus.

Take time for you
Make sure you allow time for yourself. You’re hosting and you want to look nice. Be sure you have enough time to shower and do your hair and makeup, so you’re the star of the party.

Hit the gym
This falls under the category of take time for you. It’s extremely important that you don’t let your workout routine suffer just because you’re hosting a holiday party or you have family coming in from out of town. Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym do a quick workout at home – pick up the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit for an exclusive 15-minute calorie blasting workout!

Make sure you get sleep
Don’t stay up super late the night before cooking and cleaning. Get yourself to bed early so you’re well rested. Your body can’t function properly on too little sleep.

It is so important to focus on body wellness while preparing for family to visit for the holidays. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful to lowering your stress this holiday season!