5 Things to be Thankful for in Healthcare

As we approach Thanksgiving, it’s important to look at all the things we have to be thankful for.  

This is especially true in healthcare.  So much in the news is about the controversy in our healthcare system, ObamaCare, etc., but really  There is Much to Be Grateful For:

  1. The U.S. Healthcare System Offers Sophisticated Care:  Americans have access to dependable, advanced care for all conditions.  In many countries, people either have little care or none at all.  And, in some countries, very preventable diseases go untreated, such as glaucoma, tuberculosis, and strokes.  In the U.S., no matter who you are,  doctors must treat you for an emergency no matter if  you can pay for it or not.
  2. U.S. Healthcare Technology is Expanding Every Day:  Healthcare technology has boomed over the last several years.  Most healthcare providers have begun using Electronic Health Records and Patient Portals to better communicate with other providers and patients.  Also, patients have more devices to personally monitor their health such as fitbits and smart phone apps.  This will help doctors and nurses provide you more efficient and effective care.
  3. U.S. Healthcare Protects Your Privacy Rights:  With HIPAA and other laws, healthcare providers must keep your health information private and confidential.  And if your privacy is compromised, the healthcare provider must notify you immediately and he or she could face heavy penalties.
  4. U.S. Healthcare Provides More Options for Care:  As the U.S. population ages, our healthcare system is providing more and more opportunities to stay healthy and happy.  There are more coverage for wellness programs and preventative care.  It used to be that the only way your health plan covered you is if you were sick.  Now, health plans have to cover wellness check ups as well as screening tests, such as colonoscopies and mammograms, often at little or no cost to you.
  5. U.S. Healthcare Research Continues to Grow:  Over the last ten years, healthcare research has made amazing advances.  For example, scientists are currently sequencing all of the genes that make up our DNA.  This allows other researchers to isolate the specific genes that cause certain diseases and in turn  helps healthcare providers better treat and determine cures for various diseases.  This along with many other advances are moving disease prevention moving forward at an amazing pace.

So as we consider our many blessings of family, friends and health, remember to also be grateful for our many blessings in healthcare.  Happy Thanksgiving!