6 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving! As quickly as Turkey Day comes and goes, the holiday season is far from over. While this is a time for love and laughter it is also a time for over indulging and too many sweets. With parties taking over your evenings and weekends, and the temptations of cookies and candy, it’s hard to stay on track and stay on top of your health. Today, we’re going to share 6 tips for surviving and staying healthy during the holidays.

Don’t go hungry
This is possibly my number one rule. It is a huge mistake to go to a holiday party or a work function hungry. Go with a full stomach so you can graze and enjoy the food but not over indulge.

Get your workout in
Be sure to get up and get your workout in early. It will help to kick your metabolism in to high gear and burn fat all day. This way you don’t have to worry about having a few cookies while out at night.

Offer to bring a healthy dish
If you’re going to a party where you’re asked to bring something be sure to bring something healthy. Sure, maybe your famous pecan pie isn’t super healthy, but bring something additional to balance it out. This way you know there is at least one option that’s good for you. And get creative, it’s so easy to make little tweaks to make something more nutritious.

Always have water
Water is another really important one when it comes to this. It helps to keep you full but it also helps to be sure you don’t get a little too tipsy. Drink lots of water with your meal and be sure to have a glass between each drink. There’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself at a company party or waking up with a raging headache.

Mind your portion sizes
Portions are key when it comes to being sure you don’t over eat. Keep protein to the size of your palm, veggies to the size of your fist, carbs to the size of your hand cupped and sweets and sides to the size of your thumb. If you’re still hungry you can always go back for seconds but you’ll feel rude if you don’t finish everything on your plate.

Don’t forget to enjoy
All in all, don’t forget the reason for the season. Obviously your health is important but family and friends come first. Don’t beat yourself up for falling off track.


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