Helpful Healthcare Links for June 9, 2016

There’s a lot going on in healthcare news this week! I have put together a handful of trending health Nutrition informationtopics to share with you in hopes that this information will assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few health articles for this week:

Nutrition labels on food are finally getting an update, 20 years in the making! These changes are based off of advances in nutrition science, changes in dietary recommendations, as well as other factors. These labels will bring forward different, more realistic, serving sizes. As well as guidelines for what manufacturers can call certain additives such as sugars — they will no longer be able to disguise sugars by fancy names. Check out this article to learn more about what the new nutrition labels will look like.

We all know that healthcare costs are outrageous nowadays. Some prescriptions drugs cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most chemotherapy treatments leave families broke and drowning in debt. If I were to ask you which healthcare services carry the biggest price tag, what would you say? Would you be surprised to know it is mental health services? To learn more about the growing cost of mental health services follow the link below.

As the sun starts to get stronger and we spend more time outdoors, sunburns tend to become common place. We all know that sunburns can be dangerous and just one burn can dramatically increase ones risk for skin cancer. But when has your sunburn gone too far and turned into sun poisoning? Read this article to better understand the differences between the two and when you should seek medical help.

We’ve all played Dr. Google once or twice in our life. We surf the web and diagnose ourselves with some rare, deadly disease based off of our wide range of symptoms. Well things have been taken a step further, you can get real, medical treatment online! You can get answers to all of your burning health questions right from the comforts of your own home. But is this safe? This article goes in to detail on if the care you’re getting through the web is as good as what you would get in the doctors office.


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