Announcing the 2016 Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit!

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting event we have been passionately working on for months. In mid-November (just weeks from now), we will be launching a virtual summit designed for women of all backgrounds. Whether you are working hard to raise your children or studying hard in college, you will find new insights that will enrich your life.

The Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit is unique to MyHealthSpin and is designed to help you in: Living with a mind and body in harmony.

Our featured speakers are amazing women who specialize in the healing, wellness, medical, parenting, nutritional and physical fitness fields. We have gathered together this collection of experts to educate and empower you. Here is a sneak peek at just a few of them:

Joan Crawford, D.O.Beaumont Eastlake Cardiovascular

Dr. Joan Crawford, D.O.
Beaumont Eastlake Cardiovascular

Kate Fodell, Personal Trainer Pointe Fitness

Kate Fodell, Personal Trainer
Pointe Fitness

Alyssa Sullivan

Alyssa Sullivan, Director
Rainbow Child Care Center

Francesca SaracinoSCS Pilates

Francesca Saracino, Instructor
SCS Pilates Connection

Mark your calendar!
We will be broadcasting for FREE on November 14-19.

Stay tuned to MyHealthSpin for the complete schedule of topics and times.