Helpful Healthcare Links: April 7, 2016

Silhouette Of A Fitness Woman Exercising Yoga Meditation ExercisA lot is happening in healthcare news this week. I have gathered a few great topics that are trending in health news to share with you in hopes that this information will assist you in making the best healthcare choices for you and your family! Here are a few health articles for this week:

A new study has found a correlation between exercise and the brain. According to this research, exercise is not only good for the heart but also good for the mind. This study reveals that those who run, swim, or participate in other moderately active exercises have brains that look, on average, 10 years younger.

After investigation, Medicare has been found to be paying hospices nearly four times more than it should be for certain patients. Sometimes, hospices were found to be billing Medicare for a more expensive level of care than some patients needed.

As of lately, patients are becoming more responsible for the cost of their own health care. However, recent research shows that the conversation doctors have with their patients highly impacts their cost of care, out-of-pocket expenses and also preventive care and testing. This research suggests that doctors should begin to have more conversations with their patients about health costs.

Vision-related issues during pregnancy are not often talked about, however, these changes and eye issues can occur during pregnancy. There are a few indicators of these vision-related issues that can detect for you and your doctor potential complications for child birth.

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