Helpful Healthcare Links for March 10, 2016

Coffee Cup And Coffee BeansGetting your weekly healthcare news is important. We want to ensure that you are up-to-date in health news so that you are able to make the best health care choices for you and your family. Here are a few trending topics this week:

If you can’t kick the morning coffee habit, there’s great news for you! According to the updated Dietary Guidelines for 2015, coffee is actually part of a healthy diet. As long as you’re only consuming 3-5 cups per day, there are limiting effects of caffeine on your health.

A new study finds that people may have more control over their risk of Alzheimer’s disease as they age. After researchers looked at 30 years of records from over 5,000 people, they found that incidents of dementia declined around 20 percent each decade, starting from 1970.

Doctors are finding a new approach to treat depression, hoping they can better assist their patients. A study suggests that many doctors often fail in treating and assisting patients with depression because of insurance, time constraints and other elements.

The United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) reports that Medicaid coverage will be offered to include Flint families affected by Flint’s lead contaminated water. The Obama administration reports that it will cover 65 percent of those costs for pregnant women and 99 percent for children and the state will cover the rest.


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