How to Choose the Right Health Plan

Last Friday we held our very first webinar on 4 Insider Tips for Choosing the Right Health Plan. Thank you to everyone who attended. We are thrilled with your interest and participation.

We received a lot of great questions and, due to time limits, we were not able to answer all of them. So as we promised, here are some of your questions and the answers:

1. If I signed up for Obamacare and am expecting a baby in May (after enrollment), how do I get my baby coverage?

ANSWER: Having a baby is a “qualifying event” under Obamacare, so you can add the baby when he or she is born. Generally, you will need to sign your baby up for coverage within 60 days of the birth.

2. How do I know whether to pick my employer-provided insurance or Obamacare?

ANSWER: If your employer offers you health insurance, you will not be eligible for Obamacare. You can only buy Obamacare coverage if you cannot get coverage any other way.

3. I’m turning 65 soon. When can I apply for Medicare?

ANSWER: You can apply for Medicare 3 months before your 65th birthday. Enrollment will stay open up to 3 months after your 65th birthday. If you do not sign up within that 7 month timeframe (3 months before, the month you turn 65 and 3 months after) you will have to wait until the next Medicare open enrollment period.

4.  If I change from Obamacare to my new employer’s health plan, can I ever switch back?

ANSWER: If you lose your job or for some reason your employer no longer offers you health insurance, you can reapply for Obamacare. Losing your job or your health insurance is a qualifying event under Obamacare so you won’t have to wait for open enrollment to apply.

5.  I currently have Obamacare insurance but I’m almost 65 years old.  Can I apply for Medicare and use my Obamacare as my supplemental insurance?

ANSWER: No. Once you switch to Medicare, you will not be eligible for Obamacare.

Please continue to send us your questions. We will be scheduling more webinars soon. I’d love to hear from you!

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