What Insurance is Best for You?

Stethoscope Question MarkWith the deadline for choosing an insurance plan looming, what plan is best for you?   

After all, once you sign up, you will have to live with the plan for at least 1 year before you can change it again.  If you make the right choice, you will save money and have coverage for the health services you need.  

So where do you start?

First, start by getting prepared.  You need a list of all your healthcare providers and prescriptions that you and your family use.  In order to help you with this, I’ve prepared a FREE Medical Life List template which helps you easily gather the important things to know before you choose your insurance plan.

 You can download the Medical Life List which is included in our FREE ebook What To Do First at www.myhealthspin.com.

After you have completed your Medical Life List, what’s next?

You need to figure out what insurance plans are available to you?  First, does your employer offer insurance?  If so, that is where you should start.  If not, are you over 65?  If yes, then you will be eligible for Medicare.  If neither of these options are available, you should determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid in your state.  Every state varies so you need to check the rules for qualifying for Medicaid.

If none of these options are available, then you are eligible for ObamaCare through www.healthcare.gov.  You must sign up for ObamaCare by February 15, 2015. 

In our upcoming videos, we’ll show you how to compare plans to make sure you pick what’s right for you! 

Stay tuned for my easy information about how to choose insurance in our upcoming book, Choose Your Health Insurance.

I hope this post helps you Spin Your Healthcare Your Way!