Lori-Ann’s Daily Fitness Routine

IMG_6995.041116Fitness was always a big part of my life growing up. My father was a physical education minor at Albion College in Michigan, and my mother worked as a nurse. Every Friday evening we would go to the local YMCA to swim and play other sports. Even through their 70’s my parents were very in to health and fitness. Every year for over 25 years they would walk the Mackinaw Bridge from one end to the other! My mother was an avid walker, she walked two miles everyday, no matter what the weather was like. And my father even continued to be a pitcher on a local recreational sports team.  Needless to say, I grew up in a very health and wellness-minded household.

However, between going to law school, being a single mom, and owning my own business, there wasn’t a lot of time for me to work out. After having my second daughter at the age of 31, I decided to make my health a priority again. I gained a lot of weight during both pregnancies so I started seeing a nutritionist, who recommended I start running. Running? I’d never ran before. But I laced up my tennis shoes, and off I went. And I haven’t looked back since. Before a long day at work I would put the girls in their stroller and hit the pavement. Their cheers of “Run, Mommy, run!” still resonate in my brain. That was my time. My “happy hour” if you will. Soon after picking up running I added strength training. And that routine remained for many years, until a couple of years ago when I hurt my back. At that time I decided to switch up my routine a bit. I now also incorporate group classes including spinning, Pure Barre, and yoga to help take the stress off of my lower back. I work out five days a week either in the gym, at home, or at a local studio. I still run, but not as much. And I still strength train with a trainer three days a week.

Since regaining my love for exercise I have accomplished many of my fitness goals. I have run 3 half marathons and countless 5 and 10K’s. But my biggest challenge when it comes to health and fitness is finding that balance between eating right and exercising. It’s easy to get in a one hour workout, but controlling what goes into your mouth for those other 23 hours can sometimes be a challenge.

Now a days I use fitness as a tool to keep my body and my mind strong. The endorphins I get from exercise are the best form of stress relief money can buy. Meditation has also helped me along in my fitness journey, I try and set aside time each day to mediate. I’ve found that leading a healthy lifestyle has made my world a better place.

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