ObamaCare Penalties: Consider Your Options: VIDEO

The idea behind ObamaCare is that everyone should have health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, there are some penalities you will have to pay. In this video, healthcare expert, Lori-Ann Rickard, discusses ObamaCare penalties and various options you may want to consider if you find that your premiums are too expensive at this time.


If you’re young and healthy, you may believe that you’re better off to pay a penalty and not have insurance.  You want to remember that even a fairly minor health problem such as a broken bone or having your appendix taken out can cost a lot of money which you had not planned on spending.   Having insurance can protect you from that sudden financial crisis.

To help you make sense of your insurance options, HealthSpin is preparing Easy Healthcare:  Choosing an Insurance Plan.   COMING SOON!!!

We hope this post helps you Spin Your Healthcare Your Way!

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