6 Ways to Boost Wellness Over Labor Day Weekend

Happy cheering celebrating success woman at beautiful beach sunsIt’s the dog days of summer. Often in our hectic professional and personal lives we forget to take time out for ourselves, so as you head into Labor Day weekend make sure to focus on personal wellness. Here are a few sure-fire tips to make the best of this long, relaxing break:

  1. Eat healthy: Take advantage of the season and pick up some vegetables. Cooking at home can be a fun, relaxing, and a healthy alternative to eating out.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep: Many of us are fortunate not to have to work over Labor Day making it the perfect time to start a regular sleep schedule. Remember that there’s no such thing as “catching-up on sleep” but creating a regular routine right now can pay dividends for your health and well-being the whole year round.
  3. Take time to unplug: Try taking a day or even a whole weekend to step away from the computer or television. Going analog can be surprisingly relaxing.
  4. Do something special for yourself: Whether you’re working in the garden, reading a book, or writing in your journal, take time to do something independently satisfying.
  5. Exercise: For those of us who aren’t in shape, exercise can feel daunting but even a leisurely walk can improve your mood. With the weather transitioning to fall, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  6. Spend time with family and friends: In my opinion there’s no greater joy than spending time with the people you love. Whether you’re sharing a meal with family or reconnecting with an old friend on the phone, take time to enjoy your loved ones this weekend.

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