Wisdom from Kate Fodell in the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit

Kate FodellWhen I launched the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit, my goal was to bring experts in to share information on a variety of topics relevant to women today. We accomplished just that, and one of the amazing women who contributed is Kate Fodell.

Kate is a personal trainer with Pointe Fitness. She is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, who is passionate about working with women and young athletes.

During the WMBW Summit, Kate taught us how to track our nutrition, which app is her favorite for doing so, and which numbers we should pay attention to. I bet I wasn’t the only person who was surprised when she said, “If you don’t eat enough, you won’t lose weight, because your body is going to store what you eat.”

She also talked about why strength training is important for women and taught us how to get started. Kate said it doesn’t matter whether we commit ourselves to working out at a gym or at home, as long as we commit ourselves.

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What You Missed: WMBW Summit Highlights

Our first-ever Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit was a fantastic success! We are so thankful to everyone who tuned in and to all of our amazing speakers: Kate Fodell, Alyssa Sullivan, Dr. Jennifer Shell, D.C., Francesca Saracino, Lauren Gilpin and Dr. Joan Crawford, D.O. We LOVE you, ladies!

If you missed the #WMBWSummit during our free broadcast, here are the topics we featured:

  • Strength Training and Diet Tracking
  • Childcare and Engaging Kids
  • Nutrition and Healthy Dietary Choices
  • Core Strength, Posture and Pilates
  • Marriage, Career and Work-Life Balance
  • Heart Health and Cardiovascular Tips

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