How To Maintain Your Health While Being A Mom

Mother And Her Son Having Fun On The Beach

As a tribute to Mother’s Day yesterday, I want to wish all the mom’s across the world a beautiful and healthy year filled with love, happiness and success. Being a mother is such a wonderful learning experience and a gift. Being a mom, however, has its challenges and occasionally we may forget about our own health and wellness when caring for our children. Especially for new moms learning to adjust, it can be difficult to create balance and structure to ensure you are healthy and being the best mom you can be.

Through out the years and through much trial and error, I have developed some essential tools I use to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being a mom. These tips I would like to share with you in hopes of assisting you in becoming a healthier and more vibrant mother.

When my girls were young, most of my free time outside of work was spent raising them, worrying about their health and safety, and spending quality time with them. Often times, our kids are the center of our world. Even so, it is still important to find time for yourself. Schedule yourself a period of time each day where you can enjoy the things you love to do whether that’s reading a book, taking a walk, making yourself a hot bath, or going to a quiet place to relax.

As my kids got older, I began to exercise more frequently and it became a very positive outlet for me. There may not always be enough time in the day but try and schedule two or three days a week to exercise, even if it is just for 30 minutes. Do something that you enjoy, that will increase your heart rate and makes you sweat. Incorporating exercise in your weekly routine, will help you maintain your health and overall well-being. If you are also looking for ways to spend more quality time with your family, create a fun exercise routine weekly with them, this will give them something to look forward to and will get them out the door.

It’s easy to loose track of eating healthy when you’re focused on your kids. It’s sometimes easier to grab something less healthy to eat when you’re on the run. However, eating the right foods will increase your overall energy, mood, sleep and can reduce your stress and anxiety. Making a few healthy meals during the week for you and your family can make all the difference. It can be as simple as cutting out excess sugar, focusing on fresh ingredients and getting in more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and even more organic foods.

After incorporating exercise, alone time, and healthy eating into your weekly routine, you will find that you have more energy and are rejuvenated. This will also be a great thing for your kids to witness, if they see their mother happy, active and maintaining their health, they will be more likely to adopt those same patterns in their lives as well.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day The HealthSpin Way

Lori-Ann and GirlsBeing a mom often times means taking care of others before yourself. I encourage moms of every age to make themselves a priority and take easy steps toward a healthier and safer life. Among these include:

  1. Maintaining a healthy diet
  2. Engaging in physical activity
  3. Getting enough sleep
  4. Finding ways to reduce stress
  5. And sharing your medical history with your friends and family

Making sure your personal and family health history is often times forgotten, but can be very important in the event of an emergency. What you need is a Medical Life List! In a nutshell, your Medical Life List is your own personal medical record created by you and updated by you.

You can find the template of the Medical Life List in MyHealthSpin’s free eBook, Easy Healthcare Guide: What You Need First.

So the question is…how will you celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day?


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