How Walking Daily Can Improve Your Health

And your wellbeing too!

Walking Or Running Legs In Forest, Adventure And ExercisingMost of us recognize that physical fitness is important not only for our health but also our well-being; however, very few of us find the time for regular exercise. With a busy, often grueling schedule, I sometimes find it difficult to make it to the gym. As a result, I feel tired and less productive than I should be. I finally decided it was time to start taking charge of my wellness on my schedule. How did I do it? A walk a day.

While I may not gain the muscle tone of someone who jogs or participates in a regular pilates workout, I find that walking for a few minutes everyday—even around the block—pays dividends. I feel more energized and the time away from the computer, television and office allows me to relax and reflect on my day. Sometimes, I bring my phone along and reconnect with loved ones to pass the time. It’s become a routine that I look forward to.

This isn’t simply a casual observation. Time and again, studies show that people who engage in brisk daily walks see improved health and mentality. According to the Independent, researchers in Germany recently found that adults who took quick-paced walks for 25 minutes per day were at significantly lower risk for heart attack. Walking (and exercise in general) also been shown to act as an antidepressant, heighten flexibility and may improve brain function. Walking daily can also lead to a better night’s sleep, reports The Guardian.

What simple daily routines do you follow to improve your health and wellbeing? I’d love to hear from you!

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