Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit is Live!

Our exclusive, online Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit has arrived! November 14-19, enjoy unparalleled access to doctors, health practitioners and female professionals. We want to help you in: Living with a mind and body in harmony.

Broadcast Schedule
We will broadcasting for FREE for six days only. Here are the speakers, topics and dates:

  • November 14: Kate Fodell, Personal Trainer – Strength Training and Diet Tracking
  • November 15: Alyssa Sullivan, Director – Childcare and Engaging Kids
  • November 16: Dr. Jennifer Shell, D.C. – Nutrition and Healthy Dietary Choices
  • November 17: Francesca Saracino, Instructor – Core Strength, Posture and Pilates
  • November 18: Lauren Gilpin, Lawyer – Marriage, Career and Work-Life Balance
  • November 19: Dr. Joan Crawford, D.O. – Heart Health and Cardiovascular Tips

You will be guided through this video experience by MyHealthSpin Founder, Lori-Ann Rickard.

Visit our WMBW Summit Landing Page now to tune in!

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