How to Care for Your Parent Who Lives in Another State

Having aging parents can be difficult, and in some cases, adding in the fact that they live hundreds of miles away, it can make it that much more difficult. Today, we’re sharing how to care for your aging parent who lives in another state.

Create a medical life list
I talk about this all the time, but it’s so important. A medical life list is something that contains all of your loved ones important health information. This includes allergies, past history, surgeries and medications. It’s easy to forget things when you’re at the doctor. This way they have it all in one spot and they can just have the physician make a copy for their file.

Know their neighbors
If you live out of town and your parents are elderly their neighbors should be your watch dogs. Have them keep an eye out for any changes in your loved ones health or routine. Maybe the noticed they’re getting out less, or they have a little bit of shutter when they speak. Ask them to get in touch with you if they notice any changes in your parent

Hire a caregiver 
Whether you hire someone to come in all day, every day, or for just a few hours, hiring a care giver can help put your mind at ease. They can help with taking medications and showering. They can also help with cooking and making sure your loved one is eating well. But Make sure you meet them in person before hiring them, it’s easy to take advantage of elderly people.

Consider an assisted living
Making the decision to put your parent in an assisted living can be a tough one. Most of them don’t want to lose their independence and don’t want to leave their home. But it may be the best option for their health and well-being. If there isn’t anyone around to care for them they can fall, or can become malnourished. In an assisted living all of their basic necessities will be cared for and you won’t have to worry.


If you want more information on picking an assisted living for your loved one pick up my book Easy Healthcare: Choosing an Assisted Living.