Top 7 Tips to Make Breastfeeding a Breeze

Breastfeeding is natural, and is a great way for mom and baby to bond, but just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it comes easy. Everyone will have their opinions on what you should do if you plan on nursing your new baby. Today were sharing the top 7 expert tips on how to make breast feeding a breeze. 

Start right away
It’s always best to try and nurse your newborn within a couple hours after birth. Mainly because your newborn will be hungry, but also to get them in the swing of things. The quicker they start the quicker they’ll catch on

Take advantage of the classes they provide in the hospital 
Whenever you have a baby there are several classes you must take while in the hospital. One of the classes they provide helps to teach moms the ins and outs of breastfeeding. They typically covered by insurance so why not take advantage.

This can be taken two ways, one being, literally, relax (see our next tip for more information) but also don’t stress. Breastfeeding comes easier for someone women than others. Don’t let that stress you out. Just do what you can, baby will figure out what to do. 

Lay on your side
Some women find greater success when breastfeeding if they lay on their side. Not only can it help increase milk letdown, but it helps you relax. Having a relaxed neck and shoulders will make it easier and more comfortable. And lets be honest, anything that makes nursing more comfortable is good in my book!

Get a breast pump
A lot of women don’t know this but your insurance must cover the price of a breast pump. Sometimes they will only let you rent them, but try and get a new one that you can keep if possible. Having a pump will make it easier for when you go back to work and have to be away from your new baby. It will also be helpful for when you’re producing more than they’re using. Just freeze and save for a busy day!

Try some supplements that increase milk production
If your supply is lacking there are several foods and supplements that can help with that. The yeast in beer, whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic can help increase production. Herbs such as fenugreek, an Indian herb that helps with inflammation, but it also increases supply. You can also find teas or other natural remedies to help with production at your local health food store. 

Accept the challenge
Lets face it, breastfeeding can be challenging, but so rewarding. Don’t give up too quickly. Theres a learning curve for both you and your  baby. It takes time but you’ll get the hang of it! 


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