3 Healthcare Predictions for 2015

Driving On An Empty Road To New 20152015 will continue to see healthcare grow and change.  I hope MyHealthSpin will help you find easy, simple answers to your healthcare questions.  

Here are our Healthcare predictions for 2015:

1.  More Health Insurance Coverage:  More people will continue to be covered by health insurance.  Due to ObamaCare and related penalties, more people will have health insurance.  Whether you like ObamaCare or hate it, more people having health insurance is good for everyone.  Whether we have a government mandate or not, everyone pays for the uninsured.  The costs of the uninsured shows up in your health insurance premiums, your doctor bills and your taxes.   Additionally, statistics show that people that are insured are healthier.  This is good for everyone.  A healthier population is happier and more productive.

2.  Responsibility:  The consumer will have more of the responsibility for keeping healthy.  More and more insurance plans are requiring you to be responsible for your health.  For example, there is often an extra cost for your insurance if you smoke.  You can often get a reduction in your insurance premiums if you go in for an annual physical or join a weight reduction program.  Statistics show that people that smoke or are obese have more health problems than those that do not.  Therefore, insurance companies will be asking you to take responsibility for your health.  If you do not get health insurance, you will pay a penalty.  This penalty helps to offset the cost of your healthcare if you need it and do not have insurance to cover your needs/costs.

3.  Technology:  Technology will continue to grow in healthcare.  You are seeing technology everywhere.  Your doctor is now using an Electronic Medical Record.  Your doctor may be asking you to get your health information through a patient portal.  Your mom or dad may be being monitored at home by their physician using an Tablet. Surgeons are using Google glass in surgery.   All of these advances will continue to grow in 2015 and beyond.

So those are just a few predictions for 2015.

We all struggle to keep up with the many healthcare changes.

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Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


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