4 Ways Health Centers Can Benefit You

A lot of healthcare is focused on community. Communities working together to be healthier and decrease disease. This week (August 13-19) is National Health Center Week. This week aims to celebrate how health centers work to create healthier communities. Did you know, according to healthcarecenterweek.org one in every fifteen-people living in the United States depends on health center services. Or that health Centers deliver high quality, cost effective, accessible care while serving as critical economic engines helping to power local economies. Today, we’re going to discuss how health centers can benefit you and your community.

They provide health screenings
Simple things like your child’s yearly physical or blood pressure screening can be done at a health center. You can even get your teeth checked at a health center. It’s quick and easy, and often times they don’t require appointments.

They provide education
At health centers, they do more than provide health care. They teach you things about health. How to eat well, how to keep your heart healthy and ways so stay active.

They help translate
Often times those who benefit most from health centers are people who have immigrated to the United States, and English may not be their first language. The doctors aim to ensure their patients understand every aspect of their care.

They serve the people who need it most
Typically, health centers are placed in areas located in Medically Unserved Areas (MUAs). These are areas that don’t have easy access to hospitals, physicians or quality healthcare.


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