6 Things to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

Woman Sleeping In Her Bed8 sheep, 9 sheep, 10 sheep…

Some days we lay in bed for hours before actually falling asleep. Our minds are running with everything we didn’t get done that day and what we have to do the next. In order to fall asleep, however, you need to shut your brain off, which may sometimes seem impossible. Today we’re sharing 6 things you can do to fall asleep in minutes.

1. Turn off the electronics
We hear this all the time. Turn off the phone and the TV one hour before bed. This can be challenging, because most of us like to wind down with an episode of our favorite show. But all of that blue light is not good for your sleep. So try and limit electronic use before bed time.

2. Don’t exercise at night
This is another tough one, especially if you start work early in the morning. But, for some people, working out at night revs them up. It gives them a boost of energy that they don’t necessarily want at 8 o’clock at night. Try switching up your routine and working out in the morning and see if that helps.

3. No caffeine after 2 p.m.
Limit coffee, tea and soft drinks to the morning hours. Use them as a boost in the morning, but if you drink them too late in the day, you’ll be up all nights staring at the ceiling.

4. Take a hot bath or a hot shower
Taking a nice, relaxing bath with essential oils may help calm you. Once you’re out of the tub, slide right into bed and you’ll doze off in no time.

5. Try some sleepy-time tea
Or any other non-caffeinated tea. You can even try just some warm water with lemon. Bring it with you when you take your bath to help you unwind.

6. Turn down the thermostat
Our bodies like it to be a little bit cooler when we sleep. So turn down the heat before you climb into bed.

With these tips you should be off to dreamland in no time!

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