Caring For Your Sunburn

Beautiful Woman In A Swimsuit At The PoolSo you screwed up. You were out in the sun a lot longer than you anticipated, and you wound up with a sunburn. You can try and practice safe sun, but sometimes no matter how careful you still get a sunburn. Follow these tips to help to get your skin to heal as soon as possible.

First, take a shower or bath to relieve the pain. But be careful about the soap you use, it can irritate the burn and make it worse.

Second, once you get out of the shower use a lot of aloe and moisturizer. The aloe will aid the skin in healing and help to soothe it. Just be sure to avoid using a petroleum-based lotion, it will trap the heat in making the burn worse. 

Third, drink lots of water. This will help prevent dehydration and restore moisture to the affected area.

Fourth, use a cold compress. This will help take down the inflammation. If the burn is severe take an aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce pain.

Fifth, if you have to be back in the sun make sure to take extra good care of your skin. Reapply sunscreen often and cover sensitive areas like your scalp.

Sixth, take a calcium supplement. All of the vitamin D from the sun pulls calcium out of your system. Supplementing with a good quality calcium will help the burn to heal much faster. This can also be used to prevent burns. If you’re someone burns easily and you’re taking a trip to a sunny place try increasing your calcium intake several days before your trip. This will help avoid sunburns and even sun poisoning.

Remember, a sunburn can cause lasting damage to your skin. And just one burn can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, prevention is key, but if you do get a sunburn these tips will help restore your skin.