How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

Do you have a loved one who needs to move to an assisted living facility? There are so many options these days with a range of services provided. How do you choose the one that is right for your family member? Here are a few tips.

1. Involve Your Loved One
This may be a big change for them, one that they may be ready for or nervous about. It will be very different than living in their home with a lot of space and all of their furniture and lifelong treasures. But, this is going to be their new home for some time. Include your loved one in conversations and visits to the facility to help them feel involved in the process.

2. Explore Room Types
Ask the facility what kinds of rooms are available and ask to see them. The options may include single rooms, rooms that have a roommate, single rooms that share a bathroom and/or a kitchen, or larger apartments with a bedroom, kitchen, and a living room area. Facilities vary on the type of rooms they have. Also, be sure to ask what is available at the time of the move in. You want to make sure your loved one is getting the right living space for them and keep an open mind. They may start off thinking they want a single room but actually end up loving having a roommate as they have some company. Everyone is different.

3. Ask About Costs
This may go without saying, but one of the main questions to ask about costs. Be sure the facility representative lets you know about all of the costs associated with living there. What is the cost for each type of room? Are there dining fees, housekeeping fees, or activity fees? When you have a list, ask, “Are there any other fees?” Then be sure to choose the facility and options that fit your loved one’s budget, as well as their needs. Although your loved one may want a large single room, it may be cost prohibitive.

4. Visit at Different Times
If possible, visit the facilities you are considering at different times of day and different days of the week. This will give you a good idea of what your loved one can expect about noise level, activity, available services, and so on.

5. Consider Roommates
If your loved one is considering a roommate, inquire about the medical condition of the person to determine if their medical or other needs may disturb your loved one. For example, if the roommate requires help going to the bathroom and has to go frequently, this may disturb your loved one’s rest. The roommate may talk a lot and your loved one may prefer quiet. Make sure the pairing is a good fit.

6. Room Location
Consider where the room is located within the facility. If your loved one needs a lot of assistance or has many medical needs, you might want to choose a room that is close to the staff desk or the nurses’ station. If, however, your loved one does not like a lot of noise, you may want to pick a room that is located away from the main hallways or staff stations.

7. Choose Furniture
Once you have chosen a room, you should talk to your loved one about what furniture they would like to bring from their home. The facility may offer to provide furniture for the room. If possible, you should try to bring at least a few “important” pieces of furniture from your loved one’s home. The Assisted Living facility will be new and unfamiliar. Your loved one may be apprehensive about moving. Having the room look and feel as much like home as possible will help with the transition.

8. Determine the Change Policy Finally, it is important to find out what your options are if your loved one does not like the room they have selected. Will they be able to move without an extra charge? Whatever the policy, get it in writing from the facility
Preparation and planning will help your loved one’s move to an assisted living facility be successful.

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