Helpful Healthcare Links: March 24, 2016

yoga woman on green grassThere’s a lot going on in healthcare news this week. I have rounded up a few great health topics to share with with you in hopes that this information will assist you in making the best healthcare choices for you and your family. Here are the trending news topics for this week:

The Senate Health Committee passes Mental Health Reform Act, setting out to change mental health coverage within the election year. The committee has approved four bills in addition to the Mental Health Reform Act to combat drug abuse. The law would require private health insurers to give equal benefits to both mental and physical health.

Fluoride is not only used for children, but it’s beginning to treat older adults in preventing cavities. One study reveals that fluoride in both children and adults makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to the teeth.

A new study finds how to cut the allergy risk for children early on. Those with high-risk babies who fed their children a soupy, peanut-butter mash (between 4-11 months of age) were 80 percent less likely to develop a peanut allergy by age 5.

A new research letter reveals that those leaving hospitals going to rehab centers or long-term care hospitals have germs still on their hands. One in four adults leaving the hospital in the study showed a superbug (virus or bacteria) on their hands. The letter suggests revising hand hygiene for patients and not just physicians.


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