How To Keep The Men In Your Life Healthy

Happy young family having fun outdoors. Joyful young family fathMen have a tendency to avoid going to the doctors. Whether it’s because they don’t have insurance, they don’t have a relationship with any doctors or they simply don’t see the need. Due to their less than proactive nature, their health is often left up to the women in their lives. June is Men’s Health Month, so take the time to place the focus on the men in your life. Give him the gift of health this Father’s Day. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on how to keep the men in your life healthy.

First, get them to eat healthier. Keep healthy foods in the house. Help him make the right food choices by not tempting him with junk. When you’re making lunch for the kids pack a lunch for your husband too. Take healthy cooking lessons with your college bound son, give him the tools he needs to eat healthy even while away from home. A well balanced diet is essential to warding off diseases and illness that men are more susceptible to.

Second, get him to quit smoking. Men are more likely to smoke than women. Smoking can lead to increased blood pressure and stroke. The incidence of lung cancer is the same in women as it is in men, however men are more likely to die from lung cancer.

Third, get moving together. If your man tends to be a bit of a couch potato, motivate him to get up and get active. Suggest fun, outdoor activities like going for a bike ride. Or join a gym together. Not only is it great for your health, but it’s good for your relationship too. Finding common interests and sharing in fun activities will help your bond grow stronger.

Fourth, do most of the work for him. Most doctors’ offices won’t let you set up appointments for someone else, but you can get him the number. Make a note on your calendar as to when he’s due for his next physical. Even go as far as dialing their number and handing him the phone. It will force him to schedule that appointment!

Fifth, monitor him on a daily basis. Have you noticed that he’s gained weight? Is he more irritable than usual? Is he sleeping too much or too little? These can all be signs of depression in men. Depression manifests in a different way in men than in women. So it is important to pay attention to these changes in your guy. If you think he may be suffering from depression it’s time to call the doctor!

There’s a reason why women tend to live longer than men. Women tend to be more proactive about their health. And we want the men in our lives — whether it be our fathers, our husbands, or our sons — to be around for long time. So sometimes that means taking matters into our own hands.


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