My Precious Dad and Assisted Living

DadMePortraitI imagine many girls say they have the “best Dad in the world.”  But I REALLY did!  

My Dad, Rev. William (“Tex”) Rickard was a United Methodist pastor, an athlete, a jokester, the father of 6 amazing children and an all-around great guy.  He was the guy you wanted to be with to watch a ball game or to tell your deepest fears.  As a single mom, he helped me raise my two beautiful girls and even put up with our crazy dog, Chloe.

So when he had emergency surgery on his back at the age of 88, after taking great care of himself his whole life, he and I were unprepared to suddenly move him into an assisted living facility.  After all, as a proud, strong minister, he took care of other people – he certainly didn’t need people to care for him.  And yet, after looking at the possibilities, assisted living seemed like the right choice for us.

So we approached the move head on by:

  1. Touring local facilities and making a list of costs and services
  2. Talking to staff to find out how they interact with residents
  3. Eating at the facility to see how the food was and getting a sense of community at meal times

We learned a lot during a journey.  We made some good choices along the way and also made some mistakes.  The most important thing we learned was that communication is the key.  You and your loved one have to be prepared to communicate with your family and the facility about your priorities.  Remember there is no perfect choice.  However, if you are choosing an assisted living facility with the right information – the choice can work out great.

For more information about what my Dad and I learned, see HealthSpin’s Easy Healthcare:  Choosing an Assisted Living Facility.

I hope this post helps you Spin Your Healthcare Your Way!