Prepare for a Healthy Vacation

School is letting out and that means many families will be going on vacation in the months to come. As you make your plans and pack your bags, remember to be prepared — just in case — for health troubles. Here are some things to remember.

First, you generally don’t get sick in an instant. Usually, there are early signs before the illness takes full effect. Before leaving, assess how you are feeling. Any aches or pains? Allergies troubling you? Take action now. Don’t wait until the minor ailment becomes more serious. Visit your doctor before your vacation, pick up over-the-counter medications, refill prescriptions, and pack your favorite home remedies.

Also, be sure to bring your doctor’s contact information and your children’s pediatrician’s phone number. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, you might catch something while away. Having your physician’s phone number at the ready means you can call for their advice.

Lastly, don’t stress. If you are well prepared, you will be ready for anything. Besides, you may not have any troubles at all. In that case, relax, go on adventures, soak up the time with your loved ones. All of this will give you the energy you need to get back to work with fresh pep in your step.


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