How Seeing a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Nutrition

Female doctor hand holding a green apple, sitting at the deskWhen most people think of a chiropractor they think of back pain, neck cracking and not much else. However, chiropractors, especially those that are trained in Applied Kinesiology (AK) can help with so many other ailments. They work at getting to the root of the problem, as opposed to aiding what’s on the surface.

Several years ago I was having a hard time sleeping, I was fatigued and plain burnt out. I saw my chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer Shell, who got me on the right supplements, and now I sleep great! I was even having some digestive distress and she traced it back to popcorn, something I would have never thought bothered my stomach. I learn so much about nutrition every time I see here. Today I’m sharing how seeing a chiropractor can improve your nutrition.

They do nutritional response testing
This technique, more commonly known as muscle testing, looks for weakness in the tone of an organ. Simply by pressing on the acupuncture point of an organ and resisting the doctors push of your arm they can determine if an organ is weak. This could be due to a food that you eat or because you’re lacking in a specific vitamin and mineral.

They believe in whole food supplements
Chiropractors understand that it’s difficult to get certain minerals in your diet. For instance, the higher above the equator you live, the less iodine you get through your diet. Iodine is essential for many things including thyroid function and breast tissue health. They also recognize that many things deplete our stores of these nutrients and therefore must be supplemented. I recently met with Dr. Shell and she explained how almost everything we do decreases our magnesium levels, including eating sugar. To learn more about what she had to say check out the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit.

They focus on digestion
Another thing Dr. Shell mentioned is how some deficiencies can be due to poor absorption of vitamins and minerals in your gut. If your stomach can’t probably digest the food you’re eating you will be lacking in vital nutrients. A chiropractor can test for these things and can suggest a digestive enzyme if and when it’s appropriate. Most chiropractors also suggest taking a probiotic to keep the gut happy and healthy.

They understand that the nervous system plays a role in everything
Believe it or not, your nervous system has a control over every process in your body. It is also the center that sends messages to and from your brain. If there is miscommunication between your nervous system and your brain there is bound to be a disturbance. This can include disturbances in your diet. For instance, your stomach may not be able to communicate to you that it’s full, causing you to overeat. Getting an adjustment will probably realign your spine and balance your nervous system.

Receiving regular chiropractic care is great for your overall health and an excellent addition to your healthcare regimen! To learn more about what Dr. Shell had to say pick up the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit today! It includes 6 interviews from top female health professionals, 2 workout videos as well as 3 bonus videos on living with a mind and body in harmony from MyHealthSpin Founder Lori-Ann Rickard. As an added bonus if you purchase the summit today you will receive a bonus video from Dr. Shell about magnesium and supplementation. Use promo code “BEWELL” for 50% off.