The 4 Best Foods for Your Man’s Health

Man cooking meat on barbecue for family dinnerHere at MyHealthSpin we tend to focus on women’s health. However, today we’re going to shift our focus to men’s health, because let’s be honest — men’s health is really a women’s health issue. As wives and mothers, we do our best to be sure our husbands and sons eat healthy and exercise. Because this week is Men’s Health Week we decided to show the men in our lives some love. Add these 4 foods to your grocery list to keep your man healthy all year long!

Lean proteins
Lean meats such as beef, chicken and fish help to build muscle. A man’s body requires even more protein than a woman’s, so it’s extremely important to keep it in abundance. Have him throw some chicken and beef kabobs on the grill for healthy snacks all week long!

Nuts and oils
High quality fats that are found in nuts and oils are excellent for cardiovascular health. And since men are prone to heart disease and stroke, it’s important to keep their tickers in tip top shape! Put some almonds on top of his yogurt for  a little added crunch.

This tasty little fruit is great for lowering cholesterol. Add some to his smoothie for some extra healthy fat, plus it will give the smoothie a nice, creamy texture.

Lots of veggies
It’s a no brainer that vegetables are good for everyone. They’re full of vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. High fiber diets help protect against colon cancer as well as other cancers. It’s especially important that you incorporate orange vegetables into your guys’ diets. Orange vegetables, such as carrots and bell peppers, contain compounds that help prevent enlarged prostates. Have him add some peppers to those chicken kabobs.

Small changes to your guys diet can have a huge impact on his overall health. This Father’s Day show him how much you love him by making his health and wellness a priority!