Going Off to College: Parents’ Insurance or ObamaCare?

Health Insurance Safety Healthcare Protection Office Working ConUsually, the best choice is your parent’s health insurance plan.  

First, you are only eligible for ObamaCare Health Exchange insurance if you have no other health insurance options.

Additionally, it is often better to stay on your parent’s insurance because if they have a big group plan at work the cost of maintaining coverage for you is not very expensive. This is especially true if your parents are already covering other members of the family. You should ask your insurance company how much it will cost to maintain coverage for you while you are in college. Your parents’ plan will also often cover more healthcare items and have a lower deductible than many ObamaCare plans.

If your parents do not have a health plan through work, ObamaCare may be a good option. To find out whether you are eligible, log into the ObamaCare website www.healthcare.gov. After answering several questions, you will be able to see your options. Each state has different insurance companies offering plans in that state.

Are you planning on staying on your parents health insurance plan while in college? I’d love to hear from you!

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Celebrate Mother’s Day The HealthSpin Way

Lori-Ann and GirlsBeing a mom often times means taking care of others before yourself. I encourage moms of every age to make themselves a priority and take easy steps toward a healthier and safer life. Among these include:

  1. Maintaining a healthy diet
  2. Engaging in physical activity
  3. Getting enough sleep
  4. Finding ways to reduce stress
  5. And sharing your medical history with your friends and family

Making sure your personal and family health history is often times forgotten, but can be very important in the event of an emergency. What you need is a Medical Life List! In a nutshell, your Medical Life List is your own personal medical record created by you and updated by you.

You can find the template of the Medical Life List in MyHealthSpin’s free eBook, Easy Healthcare Guide: What You Need First.

So the question is…how will you celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day?


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How Will You Get Your Health History When Traveling?

Hiking - hiker woman on trek with backpack living healthy activeMy daughter’s doctor asked us this question during a recent visit.  His answer was surprising: “the Cloud.”  

As many of you know, my daughter was born with a life-threatening illness.  She’s an adult now and working at her first job in an urban city far away from me and her doctors.  She recently had a bad case of food poisoning, which lasted a long time.  We both began to wonder whether this was actually a more serious problem.  We decided to schedule an appointment with her doctor to follow up.  She took a day off of work and flew home.

Although she was fine, we thought it was important to make a plan if she ever got very sick again.  Remember “preparation” is everything in healthcare.  My daughter flies all over the world and often has to leave without much notice.  What would happen if she had a serious problem while she was out of the country?

The doctor told us how important it would be for any doctor she saw to have her important health information about the surgeries she had as a child.  Specifically, he said she should have immediate access to:

  1. The reports from her operations (operative reports)
  2. Any x-rays, and
  3. Discharge summaries from hospital stays

The doctor and I agreed that, although everyone talks about patients having a universal healthcare record that can be accessed from anywhere, this simply does not exist.  He suggested getting the important records and putting them on my daughter’s phone which could be backed up in the cloud.  Therefore, she would have access to the records from anywhere in the world.

Having immediate access to her important health records might be the difference between life and death.  So taking some time now to contact the various hospitals where she had her surgeries, gathering the records, scanning them and putting them where we can immediately access them makes a lot of sense.

Tell me what you do to protect yourself from a health emergency when you or your children travel?  I’d love to hear from you.

A great place to start gathering your health history is to download my FREE eBook, Easy Healthcare: What to Do First which contains a Medical Life List.

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