It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Heart Health

bigstock-153083354It’s time to get serious about women’s heart health. As most of us have heard, actress Carrie Fisher passed away on December 27th after suffering a heart attack while on a plane several days prior. She was only 60 years old.

The terrible part is heart attacks may be preventable in some cases. Sadly, signs and symptoms of heart attacks in women are often overlooked. Women and even their doctors brush symptoms off as “anxiety,” or “all in their head.” However, the same lack of concern is not shown for men when they present with symptoms characteristic of a heart attack.

It’s time that we take matters into our own hands. Unfortunately, a lot women do not survive their first heart attack. As women it is extremely important that we are able to recognize the signs and symptoms of heart disease, as well as ways to prevent it.

It’s especially important at this time of year – winter. Being outside in the cold, and especially shoveling snow puts a huge stress on your heart. Snow is heavy. I recently learned that on a day of heavy to medium snow fall the average driveway can have up to two tons of snow on it! Second of all, shoveling is cardiovascular, which raises your heart rate and blood pressure. Plus, the frigid winter air causes blood vessels to constrict allowing less oxygen to go to the heart. Combine the two and it is a recipe for disaster.

It’s important to keep all of these things in mind when it comes to your cardiovascular health. Every minute a woman dies from heart disease. Please don’t be another statistic. Get control of your health today! To learn even more on women’s heart health you can check out my interview for the Women’s Mind Body Wellness Summit with Dr. Joan Crawford. She is an Osteopath who specializes in women’s cardiovascular health. She is an advocate for women and has even worked on the Go Red campaign!