What Do You Bring to the Hospital?

Doctor taking care of patient in hospital roomHospital stays aren’t fun. Planning for them doesn’t have the same excitement as planning for, say, a vacation. But like a vacation, preparing for a hospital stay requires you to pack smart.

How do you decide what to bring to the hospital with you? Basically, you will want to bring the things you need for admittance and that will make your stay as smooth as possible.

Remember, though, that hospitals have a lot of people coming and going. In addition, you may switch rooms or leave your room for tests or procedures. Unfortunately, personal items can be lost or stolen.

A general rule is if it’s important to you, leave it at home.

Here are some guidelines.

What to bring to the hospital:

  1. A warm sweater or jacket
    Hospital rooms can get cold. You will be in a hospital gown that doesn’t provide much coverage. It’s always a good idea to have something warm to put on if you get cold.
  2. Your identification and medical insurance card
    You will need these during the admitting process, but if possible, have your loved one take them when you are finished.
  3. Your medical life list or medical history
    Whether you are being admitted to the hospital from your life-long doctor or someone new, the hospital will need a complete record of your health history. (Hint: If you have not gathered your health history, get our FREE eBook Easy Healthcare: What You Need First.)
  4. Important documents, like your Advanced Directive or Trust
    Bring the documents that detail your medical wishes in case you cannot decide for yourself. If you don’t have an Advanced Directive, the hospital may help you fill one out.

What NOT to bring to the hospital:

  1. Anything valuable
  2. Money
  3. Laptops or tablets
  4. Cell phone (It is handy to have if you need to call family BUT remember it might get lost or stolen.)

As with most situations, use your discretion.

REMEMBER to pack SMART so you have what you need, but don’t lose those items that are important.

What do you take the hospital when you or your loved one goes to the hospital? I’d love to hear from you!

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