What Is Your Biggest Health Care Pet Peeve?

Portrait of young, lost, stressed, going nuts, looking crazy.While moving through the health care system, you have likely experienced some positive experiences and some not-so-positive ones.  So, I’m curious.  What is your biggest health care pet peeve?

Choose all that apply from the options below and leave a comment on this post with your answer(s).  If you don’t see yours listed here, write it in the comments.

1.  Long wait times in doctors’ offices

2.  Time with doctor is rushed or too short

3.  Health care practitioners don’t show enough empathy

4.  Dealing with the insurance company

5.  Having to get referrals

6.  Prescription costs

7.  Finding the right specialists (knowing where to go)

I will post this question on Facebook and share the compiled results.  I’d love to know your pet peeves.  

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