Helpful Healthcare Links: April 23, 2015

Doctor Hand Showing A Blank Smart Phone Screen AppOur helpful health care links focus on two hot topics in health insurance this week– Customers of L.A. Care Covered can now pay monthly premiums in cash at more more than 680 locations via their smartphones and a plan to establish a private insurance exchange for low-income residents. Both are worth your time. And, as always, if you ever come across a healthcare story that you think merits more attention, please send it our way!

Californians Can Now Pay Cash For Health Insurance At 7-Eleven

The largest publicly run health plan in the nation, L.A. Care, will allow customers who do not have traditional bank accounts to pay their health insurance premiums with cash.

Medicaid Expands In Other States, But Not Florida

The Florida Senate has proposed a plan that would accept federal funds under the Affordable Care Act to establish a state-run private insurance exchange for low-income residents.


ObamaCare has added an extra enrollment period that will take place from March 15 – April 30, 2015.

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